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Real sex chat dousman village Foxler, founder of the Furry Raiders, was arrested for sex futry in April I chose Edge in order to protect the credibility of my sockpuppetand because I work in a sensitive workplace and worry about being doxxed. I want to provide a better picture of what gurry, as a community, are dealing with. The general population of the Raiders community is a combination of old-school 4Chan racists, conspiracy theorists, new wave white supremacists, and impressionable but misled minors. Lost in this mix are impressionable minors, 13 to 17 year old kids that found their way to the Raiders one way or another.

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chta Patch O'Furr says:. I was pumping gas and a sexy lady bent over When Foxler targets underage kids, watchers are tipping parents and it works.

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I want to provide a better picture of what we, as a community, are dealing with. Notify me of new posts by.

Put a show on without getting busted and it was the hottest thing in a while. If you or someone you know is aware of any illegal activity, related to the Raiders or otherwise, you can provide the FBI with an anonymous tip. There exists chzt fear of fully grown adults that are willing to commit their minds to this toxic thinking.

Furry group chat

Keeping them out of cons is wise. Private telegram chats and discord channels will always exist in the dark, as they should. November 24, at am.


Dogpatch Press says:. If this continues to be a problem, further measures should be taken in order to stop what these people are doing.

Like the article? Blocklists and blacklists are not enough.

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Given the meteoric rise of public shootings in the United States, regardless if you believe it to be ufrry firearms issue or a mental health issue, this must be addressed seriously. Craziest thing happened. The first commenter left the group with a statement at bottom of article.

If this is not already sent into the FBI, I will do so soon. Ajuda de Acessibilidade.

When the furry group chat turns into an orgy - when the furry group chat turns into an orgy

Ver mais. Neither can we ignore the children at risk from these communities: protecting them from sexual exploitation and far-right radicalization is an objective moral duty.

Furry group chat

Lost in this mix are impressionable minors, 13 to 17 year old kids that found their way to the Raiders one way or another. September 17, at am. November 22, at pm. This is a variation of the Backfire Effect, where ingrained biases force an individual to irrationally justify their beliefs. These are not people with respectable ideas. Newest member on their Facebook is an apparent middle schooler added by Foxler.

Furry group chat

Been in a drought and depressed. Notify me of follow-up comments by.

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I am not a lawyer, and nothing I say constitutes legal advice in any state, but I would strongly encourage conventions to adopt strong and clear language that bars individuals from attending if they have a history of preaching or advocating for hateful and violent acts. November 22, at am.

Furry group chat

There is no greater moral imperative than to safeguard freedoms to live, and freedoms from hate. There will never be a definitive solution to online hate in our community, but we can minimize their influence to the best of our abilities. Esqueceu a conta?

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It started off so innocently enough. Some of them ed because they hated SJWs — the GamerGate to Alt-Right pipeline is well documented — others were actively recruited by Fkrry, Kody, and other de-facto leaders in the Raiders. Published: November 22, Arrest of Lee Miller Foxler brings a call for witnesses to come forward.

Furry group chat

Either party to a communication can disclose. Draconas changed after this article was published and reached out to make things better. The new far-right, in Europe, North America, and elsewhere, seek nothing short of dominion — they seek to legitimize their cause, which they cast as oppression and the defense of whites, as a groupp of domination over identity and ideology. This article was very important.

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January 16, at am. Update: Dionysius Goat fursona left the Furry Raiders and helped to mitigate damage they did to events. Instant Rock hard and she saw because basketball shorts. Update: Foxler, founder of the Furry Raiders, was arrested for sex offenses in April The idea of taking all furs in regardless of their background sounds good only in theory. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by.

Furry group chat

It takes a lot of effort to share these. Shroom Muu. Healthy, well-adjusted adults do not behave like this. They seek a community where slurs are used freely, where callousness and animosity are driving vehicles of discourse, where unsourced wingnut conspiracy theories lay equal to well-gathered evidence.