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Just going to add this because I thought this was relvent and kinda funny. Well Fullbar is Fubar. Its just another company that picks a name for a product with out at least doing some reasearch. Makes you thinkg if it the bar really works or if the bar it self really fucked up beyond repair. At the end of the article there is something talking about hot sexy message band playing in San Francisco.

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Redir Redirect s do not require a rating on the quality assessment scale.

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Is inclusion of a link to a nightclub's website just advertising? Maybe you could do that. Just out of curiosity: why is "the most common" definition listed third? Merge done and made new disambiguation.

Fubar review

Following this discussion a new was created at List of military slang terms. Namespaces Article Talk. I also note that Military slang is currently very short three sentences. Saying that something is fubzr fouled up" certainly does not make it sound good, so it cannot be called a euphemism. I'm a bit of a newbie here and I'm not familiar with how to do that. Shouldnt saving private ryan be mentioned in the movies catagory?

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khmer chat line The week long festival starts on the first Saturday of October and hosts an artist residency program, showcases diverse talks, workshops, performances and an inclusive group exhibition. This article was nominated for deletion on 18 February UTC. No not like that. Cnilep talk27 February UTC. This redirect is within the scope of the Military history WikiProject. Navy acronyms and expressionsList of government and military acronyms.

It is just slightly within the farthest bounds of possibility that computer programmers with their FOOBAR could have derived terms from the runic alphabet We generally use "List of I'm not expert enough to edit the FUBARbut I would like to see the mention how the word is used very often in the conventions of instructions and "help" s for computer languages. Maybe US marines heard it and used it in a similar context.

Doesn't that seem a bit misplaced?

List of military slang terms

Please see Talk:List of military slang terms and contribute to the discussion. A fuabr of the conclusions reached follows. While the topics might warrant two s, we currently don't have much content. Cnilep talk27 February UTC Mergebut the should be named list of military slang termsrather than going to the military slang definition.

This part sounds like nonsense to me.

Cnilep talk3 May UTC. The original claim is like saying "negro" is a euphemism for "nigger," when in reality the latter is an offensive corruption of the former. Well why do you think fubra


Nshewmaker10 August UTC. Not sure whether they are all "U. These seem to be ffubar well-sourced and less informative on individual items than might otherwise be the case.

Herostratus21 January UTC. Otherwise, it's completely irrelevant - you've replaced a fairly accurate statement of fact with a statement of opinion. I would suggest that others! Views Read Edit New section View history.

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And make sure to set proper redirect from current s to each of these sections on the List eg. Hence furchtbar and wunderbar are both uncapitalised. I agree, the list does not belong here. The person who coined the term is obviously unknown, but if its wide use is to be attributed to this person TAYLOR, we need some swinger chat room 60115 citing source!

Junuxx talk8 April UTC. North American military history task force. Because people have no life but to disrupt ours. The closing admin noted that several editors suggested a merger, but there was no consensus for a specific target.

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I am think primarily of List of gestures and Regional vocabularies of American Englishbut see also s such as List of English words of Russian originList of words nothing serious just wanna chat from toponymsList of English words without rhymes etc.

In the "Etymology" section: "The actual origin of the word was developed in the s, as fire departments across the nation began to use the line. The two contain mostly the same information, especially the backstory and the list of related terms. WikiProject Military history. To use this banner, please see the full instructions. To mess with your head.

Army" or not, though.

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Unless it is known that the "F" in FUBAR and its variants originally stood for "fucked" then it is better to err on the side of caution and use the less offensive equivalent. Maby teach your children better than to be a smudge on the social piece of paper of life. Makes you thinkg if it the bar really works or if the bar it self really fucked up beyond repair.

In reality, "fucked up" is actually a corsened form of "fouled up," since "fouled," having come from Middle English, is a much older word than the slang term. The following discussion is closed.