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Feed your meat-tooth with a juicy thick cut Traeger grilled steak.

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You'll want to make sure your fridge doesn't have any funky smells like last month's leftover sushi — that aroma could transfer to the meat.

Your steak can't get past the Fahrenheit marker and toward Maillard levels, until all that water is gone. It's difficult cookijg know the exact temperature of the cooking surface, and that temperature can vary depending on the type of charcoal you used and how evenly you spread the charcoal. When you cook steak on a pellet grill, you have the best of both worlds.

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cookjng Never salt the meat and let it sit for less than an hour, because during this time the salt is drawing out moisture. The thicker the steak, the easier it is to cook and the better it will taste.

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But some people do effectively boil their steaks on the grill — by throwing them on when the surface of the meat is moist with condensation or a marinade. You do want to get the surface of your steak up to and a little bit past degrees Fahrenheit.

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You'll need to work a little harder to replicate the kiss of wood smoke flavor delivered by Traeger wood pellets, though. Stop by your local butcher shop and ask for exactly what you want, i.

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This will initiate the Maillard reaction, giving your meat a pleasing color. Just before you take the steaks out, drizzle oil in your heaviest skillet and set it over high heat. That's why the lowest recommended internal temperature for steak is Fahrenheit.

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Beneath that crust, you want a tender, warm, blast of beefy flavor. If you add soaked wood chips, they will cool down the charcoal.

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Grilling steak can be a quick and cooklng process. Don't do this to your steak. Take your steak out of any wrapping it came it, set it chat gamer a plate, and let it sit, uncovered, in the refrigerator for 24 hours. Of course, no one wants to bite into a cold steak.

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Your grill can't cook your steak until it first evaporates the water which takes a lot of energy. While you're getting that Maillard reaction on the outside of your steak, and throwing off tantalizing aromas, the meat on the inside is warming up, too.

NOTE: You may have heard the recommendation to let your steak sit out at room temperature before cooking to make the cooking process shorter. Feed your meat-tooth with a juicy thick cut Traeger grilled steak. Experienced sous vide cooks recommend searing the steak first, then beginning the sous vide process.

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Take the steaks off the grill, then set the temperature of the grill to high. For the best steak every time, invest in a digital thermometer with a thin probe and know for sure when that pricey cut is at the peak of perfection. As for food safety — "almost invariably, muscle interiors are sterile and pathogen-free" according to Scientific American.

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The low humidity of the fridge will start evaporating the moisture, and the coolness will keep it safe. RARE — Just a minimal sear on the exterior of the meat.

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Your sous vide aka water bath will get your coooking exactly to your desired doneness temperature. Also, thick cut steak has more forgiveness with cook time and tenderness. If you're cooking a steak indoors, the best method is one that has gained popularity over the last few years — the reverse sear. The quality determines the texture, tenderness, and how flavorful the steak will taste. Gen Zers are the most likely to be cooking food at home more than they were two weeks ago and Millennials are the most likely to be drinking more cokoing now than they were two weeks ago, according to the poll.

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In well-marbled cuts of beef like rib eye, the fat inside the coiking will begin melting at around degrees, adding more juicy flavor in every bite. The best way is the surest — scientific measurement.

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If you're just going to cook the steak until it's well done, you might as well save yourself the money and buy a pot roast. A foil pack added before cooking is probably your best bet. But as an outdoor griller, you've got other factors to consider including the outside temperature, the cut of the steak, whether you marinated it or not, how soft your hands are — so unless you cook the exact cuts of meat, prepared the same way, at the exact temperature, many, many times, the poke test will let you down.

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See all of Traeger's steak recipes for more ideas on how to cook a steak on a pellet grill. But you don't want the inside of the steak as tough as the surface. It needs the extra time to absorb the moisture. But know this — as your steak's internal temperature continues to increase, the meat near the surface of chst steak is in danger of getting overcooked.

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