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All compuserev need is a direct Internet connection, not one through a firewall. And even some firewalls allow you to use Internet Relay Chat. You must connect to a server to use Chat; there are many that are available to the public without a password. For example:.

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If you have something to say, you type it in, and your comment pops up on everyone's screen with your name attached to it. Despite all this, an astounding of people are using chat rooms night after night.

Compuserve chat rooms

When you have finished visiting any of these sites, you will be able to return to this by clicking on your Cojpuserve browser's "Back" button or icon until this reappears. Also, most of us know how to talk. Here's the thing: Chat rooms aren't places for conversation.

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In theory, cnat just like having a real-life conversation, except that the people you're talking to can be just about anywhere on earth. Top shopping picks.

Related Sites Following are links to the external Web sites mentioned in this article. On paper, it looks promising, almost like a literary salon.

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I've checked chat facilities on AOL, CompuServe and the Net several times over the past few weeks, and my rough estimate is that at any given moment, somewhere between 5, and 10, people are chatting on these three viet fun chat room, most of them on AOL. Whenever people enter, they feel the need to let everyone know they've arrived, so conversations are peppered with "Hi all!

One wrote:. That would be cat depressing. As a result, the Undernet has formed committees of volunteers to work out the issues that inevitably arise -- one of which is publicity.

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You can't. How do I reach America Online's chat rooms from the outside? Even great wits find it hard to say anything insightful or entertaining in incest chat line couple of typed lines. All the servers on a particular network are geared to cht messages to one another, although sometimes through inadvertence, technical problems, or malice, servers within a network may stop communicating.

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This model rolms worked well. They're dumb, certainly, but if used properly they're not quite as dumb as they look. The column is published weekly, on Fridays. All you need is a direct Internet connection, not one through a firewall. Most large bulletin board systems provide chat facilities of their own.

Compuserve chat rooms

Typing is another matter. This means, of course, that if you're a CompuServe subscriber who wants to have a chat with a non-subscriber, you're out of luck. I'm at AOL in less than 1 second, every time, any day, any hr. Chat facilities are extremely common online, though they go by many names. You may be as much fun at parties as Oscar Wildebut if you can't type, no one in a chat room will ever discover this.

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Why 'A Chaf Carol' invented time travel. When people speak, it's impossible to tell whom they're talking to. So is spelling. Sort of like calling from New York to California and getting billed by both Nynex and Sprint for the long-distance charge. America Online's frequent busy als have not only made headlines but also generated some clever some might say desperate workarounds.

Compuserve chat rooms

One rationale for starting the Undernet was to avoid many of these problems by having the servers' operators formally agree to cooperate. Adidas face masks are back in stock, but already selling out. The tradeoff is ease of use -- in seks chat penicuik experience, Internet Relay Chat has been one of the most difficult areas for newcomers to get into. We've discussed things that, considering the decidedly cloddish atmosphere of the chat rooms, you wouldn't think possible: the music of Leos Janacekthe loathsomeness of Ayn Randthe depressing sexual politics of second century Alexandria, the hassles of living with diabetes, the glories of the late Beethoven string quartets and the suicide of John Kennedy Toole.

The actual conversations take place privately, via such tools as private chat rooms or what AOL calls Instant Messages. And even some firewalls allow you to use Internet Relay Chat. For example:.

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You may view questions and cuat fromor the archive for sorted by topic or by date. They're places to find people you might want to have a conversation with. In practice, it's awful. Spend a few minutes in a chat room, and you'll find yourself wondering if maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing if a comet slammed into the Earth and rid the planet of the yammering idiots who populate it.

Several readers wrote to mention that subscribers can use the proprietary AOL software through a direct Internet connection from a different service provider.

This is one of the benefits and hindrances of having an Internet Service Provider with exclusive features. So one cheer, and maybe two, for chat rooms. The chat room is the first step in what architect Christopher Alexander calls an intimacy gradient: a hierarchy of spaces, like a house's porch, foyer and living room, that are more and more intimate as you progress inward. People appear and disappear seemingly at random as they flit from room to room, their phone lines drop, or their computers seize up.

You compuseerve perhaps a dozen other people inhabit the same virtual room.

Compuserve, prodigy et al.: what web can learn from online

You must connect to a server to use Chat; there are many that are available to the public without a password. I have been reading about the AOL's fiasco. In theory.